alveolus of lung


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  • alveolus — [al vē′ə ləs] n. pl. alveoli [al vē′əlī΄, al vē′əlē΄] [L, dim. of alveus, a hollow, cavity < alvus, the belly, womb < IE base * au lo s > Gr aulos, flute, Lith aulỹs, beehive] 1. Anat. Zool. a small cavity or hollow, as a cell of a… …   English World dictionary

  • lung — One of a pair of viscera occupying the pulmonary cavities of the thorax, the organs of respiration in which aeration of the blood takes place. In humans, the right l. is slightly larger than the left and is divided into three lobes (an upper, a… …   Medical dictionary

  • lung — lunged /lungd/, adj. /lung/, n. 1. either of the two saclike respiratory organs in the thorax of humans and the higher vertebrates. 2. an analogous organ in certain invertebrates, as arachnids or terrestrial gastropods. 3. at the top of one s… …   Universalium

  • alveolus — A small cell, cavity, or socket. 1. SYN: pulmonary a.. 2. One of the terminal secretory portions of an alveolar or racemose gland. 3. One of the honeycomb pits in the wall of the stomach. 4. SYN …   Medical dictionary

  • lung — n. one of the pair of organs of respiration, situated in the chest cavity on either side of the heart and enclosed by a serous membrane (see pleura). The lungs are fibrous elastic sacs that are expanded and compressed by movements of the rib cage …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • alveolus — al·ve·o·lus || æl vɪəlÉ™s n. pit, small cavity (as in a honeycomb); air cell in a lung; socket of a tooth …   English contemporary dictionary

  • alveolus — n.; pl. alveoli 1) (in the lung) a blind ended air sac of microscopic size. About 30 alveoli open out of each alveolar duct, which leads from a respiratory bronchiole. The alveolar walls, which separate alveoli, contain capillaries. The alveoli… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Pulmonary alveolus — An alveolus (plural: alveoli, from Latin alveolus , little cavity ) is an anatomical structure that has the form of a hollow cavity. Found in the lung, the pulmonary alveoli are spherical outcroppings of the respiratory bronchioles and are the… …   Wikipedia

  • Acute lung injury — (ALI) is a diffuse heterogeneous lung injury characterized by hypoxemia, non cardiogenic pulmonary edema, low lung compliance and widespread capillary leakage. ALI is caused by any stimulus of local or systemic inflammation, principally sepsis.… …   Wikipedia

  • Human right lung — Main article: Lung See also: Left lung Human right lung Mediastinal surface of right lung …   Wikipedia

  • Horizontal fissure of right lung — Fissure not labeled, but visible at right, between #3 and #4 …   Wikipedia

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